Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Karma bites

So I take it back. I should have never linked the "Man Cold" video.

I have taken it on the tush in a bad way.

Details of why I am out of commission and why my internet time will be sparse - I AM a ticking time bomb.

Mild cold starting about 1.5 weeks ago. No biggy, I can deal. I am not a wuss like someone else I know... or so I thought.

Saturday comes and I can see this hindsite now. I was freezing. I sat on the couch under blankets and feeling a little dizzy. And wow my neck hurt. What DID I do? And why wasn't Hans feeling this? Oh right... he had to have a temp because we just figured out he had a rabid ear infection.

I got up in the night and felt my soundly sleeping daughter. Wow, she felt cool. That cannot be good. I bring her into bed with us (NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY - I won't write it 100 times for your benefit). Her night, then becomes crap, but I finally got up and took some Advil for my aching neck.

Sunday, more Advil for the aching neck all day. Sunday night I am a shivering ball on the bathroom floor and dizzy enough that I was fearful to stand. I started not feeling quite so with it.

Finally it dawns on me to take MY temperature... even though I never get fevers. Ever.

103F and I started panicking. Doctor tells me to take Advil and Tylenol and see her tomorrow. (Major duh regarding the night before, *I* was the sick one.)

Monday morning comes and I am feeling alright, I drop the kids at daycare and head to the doctors. I emphasize that I cannot be sick, I just am never THIS sick. This is silly. I just have a fever that won't stay away. Oh and a sore throat.

Rapid Strep test - Negative
Pneumonia - Negative (thank goodness)
Sinus Infection - Nope
Influenza A/B test - Negative

I will be better in a day or so, take it easy. I grab Wendy's for my husband (who stayed home) out of concern for me... and his ear that is still pounding.

Tuesday 2am and the vomiting starts. No Advil is staying down.

I tried to get up to go in for my SDR, reassured AB that I was fine and just needed to take a shower and stuff.

At 7am I am dry heaving in the toilet as Skadi laughs at me. Evil child.

I call AB and admit defeat - which requires him to drive nearly one hour back home. Thankfully he drove his car and didn't take the Vanpool. He gets there and gets the kids dressed while I lay on the floor moaning barking instructions about bottles and blankets. Then he whisks the kids off.

10 am Price Is Right with Drew Carry.

Wow, it is cold in here again... I thought I turned the thermostat up. I check. It's normal.

I check me - 102F.

11am Mythbusters (did you know Adam was on the Charmin commercial with Mr. Whipple?)

Call the doc and the nurse insists that I get Advil in me and clear fluids only. Oh and take all those prescription meds in my closet for nausea while pregnant with Skadi. Well not all at the same time. But take them as prescribed and then the Advil.

When is this going to stop?

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