Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

As Skadi and I sit here and wait for Leif and daddy to get up, I thought I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas and post our Christmas letter now.


This year when we started talking about writing the annual Christmas letter, Leif volunteered. And who am I to stand in his way? Since he is now three years old, we thought we would take him up on this. So at dinner the other night and in the car last night, we talked about what should go in the letter and what he wanted to say… so in his own word’s, here’s Leif:

“Because cause Santa will be here soon and I am going to buy big Shrek’s for everyone. I am going to ask Santa for two Zurgs and two Buzz Lightyears and a blue camera with an orange button like N’s, but hers has a red button and I want an orange button, but but not a pink camera like C’s. Probably it’s going to snow a big one on Christmas.

Probably we are staying here for Christmas and Winny will go outside and be happy. She be’s wild when she is home by herself. And we are getting a baby kitty and I will sleep with her and play with her and hold her up to do the [Advent] calendar.

We got like a baby. But she is a girl and I am a boy because I have a (mommy censorship!). And Skadi goes to school and crawls around and she does. She cries and gets into a fireplace. (?!?!?!)

I go’d to school and I am in River Room. I singed Jingle Bells with Ms. B today and she said I ringed my bells the loudest the whole song, but not to ring them the whole song, only on parts, but I liked to ring my bells, can I have bells mommy? I want the big red one on the tree to ring lots. And I play with J and BB. I do ‘d my work quietly and I am a good listener. Ms. K said I am a good listener today, but but I wasn’t yesterday, but I was today so can I have an ‘eward? I like counting work. Probably I want to show my counter at show and tell.

I am grateful for an airplane, Winny and Skadi, my blanket and my mommy and daddy. Actually at Christmas I am going to say prayers for a dinosaur.

I love my family, my grandmas and grandpas and Sophia and Murphy (grandma’s cats).”

We wish you all the best this holiday season and throughout the coming year. And may you find lots of Shreks and Buzz Lightyears under your Christmas tree!

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