Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Princesses Galore!

The most magical evening we were at Disneyworld was that Saturday night with the princesses. We managed reservations at Akershus for the princess dinner courtesy of friends who held the reservations previously, but were giving them up after lucking into a Cinderella Castle dinner. A little finagling and wrangling with the online reservation site and we were in!

Akershus is a Norwegian restaurant and for that reason, we were thrilled to have dinner there.

Skadi dressed up like a princess, Leif in nice clothes (after whining about "princesses, ick") and we all hauled it back to Epcot. (Yeah, don't pay attention to the shoes... I was willing to haul the princess dress... I wasn't hauling a pair of dress shoes that she might - or might not - wear.)

For having reservations, we were surprised at the line. We were checked in, informed that they were running behind and told to wait in front of the restaurant.

We wandered over to the Norwegian shop. All while keeping our ears peeled for our announcement.

Soon after they started announcing families.

And we waited some more.

Finally we were lead into the restaurant.

Belle was ready to meet the kids at the front and much to our surprise we were presented with a photo of the kids with Belle with wallet sized photos too! Explanation of the high price was now starting to become apparent.

The kids ordered from their menu - Leif opted for the roast chicken. Skadi for the pasta and sauce. I ordered something I couldn't pronounce - meat wrapped in pastry. Never can go wrong with that and AB ordered the beef tips. There was a buffet to partake in while we waited, which was super nice. Both kids filled up on salmon, cheese and crackers.

Then we saw our daughter's eyes grow wide!

She wanted to get up and run over and wrap her arms around Aurora. But we convinced her to wait patiently at the table and she would be there soon.

For all the princesses ick we heard from Leif, he didn't miss out on the photo ops.

Midway through there was a princess processional where the princesses brought the little girls (including the one dressed like Buzz Lightyear) out onto the floor and they paraded around the restaurant waving at the onlookers. Snow White picked Skadi to walk right behind her and Skadi beamed the entire processional!

The highlight of the evening came at the end for Skadi.


And she realized quickly that she was Skadi's favorite. She helped her twirl and then gave her a big smooch on the cheek that left red lipstick marks that Skadi wore like a trophy the next day. We were not allowed to wash her face.

The food was "eh". My meat wrapped pastry was missing the pastry and the gravy a bit sweet for my tastes. AB's beef tips lackluster. The kids loved their food, the dessert plate (we got the whole plate of desserts, no picking) was great and after Leif asked for a second chocolate mousse (and we protested that we did NOT need another chocolate mousse), they brought him one. Oh well. Three chocolate mousses in one day (one from the French pastry shop earlier)... Disneyworld doesn't happen everyday.

I expected grumblings from my frugal husband about the bill.

"Seeing the look on Skadi's face that entire dinner was worth the price," he declared.

And Skadi declares this as her favorite part of Disneyworld.

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RAB said...

What a sweet series of posts! Sounds like the kids had a great time. Yes, we found for the most part we had to leave the park to get good food. The Cuban place - Padrino's - is still my favorite!