Saturday, November 27, 2010

That place with the big silver ball

It is called Apricot. According to Leif.

At the Will Call window the attendant (coincidentally from Walla Walla, so she knew that Washington is a state and that SE Washington state is dry) said to Leif, "are you ready to go to Epcot?"

"No, I am going to a place called Apricot," he said matter of factly and continued to call Epcot, Apricot for the entire trip.
We hit a few rides - Spaceship Earth (the big silver ball), Skadi's favorite was the Finding Nemo ride and then we got hungry and headed to the pavillions for some lunch. After fish and chips at the British pavillion we walked out and much to our surprise, there was someone waiting to meet Skadi!
Skadi went right up to her and told her she had seen her movie. Or actually, she said (as I have been corrected a number of times now) "I saw the movie you were in!" Mary Poppins was super, very sweet and very in character.
Since AB and Leif weren't terribly interested they headed across the way to the French pavillion as chocolate mousse and fluffy pastries seemed much more interesting to them!
Skadi and I followed and had a photo op on the bridge...
When we crossed the bridge we were met by...
Actually I have no idea who she is, I think an Aristocat. Skadi was still excited to pose with her.
After some pastries and feeling absolutely stuffed, we headed back to the rides for AB and Leif to hit the Mission Mars ride and Skadi and I thought we would go on the Finding Nemo ride again.
That was the plan until we saw through a window something else going on...
And then the big one...
We had a relatively non-busy day at Epcot. As we were still figuring out how Disney worked, we could have been far more effective in hitting the big things.
After meeting up with friends to talk to Crush (the turtle) and getting our picture taken in front of the big silver ball with them, we headed back to the hotel for some pool time and "relaxation" before the big evening... dinner with the Princesses at Akershus.
Our room was pirate themed - who can resist a picture of sleeping kids in a pirate ship bed?


fire-sister said...

Just for your record keeping. The white cat is Marie and she is an Aristocat. :)

vanessa said...

And you will hear Cate mis-name her the Marissa-Cat (I think that's the daughter-cat). But it is indeed Marie (can't believe the autograph was legible), and that was one of Cate's main highlights!