Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dolphins and Whales and Manatees oh my!

AB and the kids arrived in Orlando at about midnight Thursday night. They crashed hard after a long day of travel and then got up and headed to SeaWorld. I joined them mid-day after my conference ended.

Before I got to SeaWorld - AB and the kids took in the Shamu show and raved about the 400 lb "baby".

However, they really raved about the Dolphin show, and since Skadi loved it so, and I hadn't seen it, we hit it again.

See how close we are? AB set us in the "splash zone", where I kept saying, "are you sure we want to sit here?" Yes, he assured us. We won't get *that* wet, plus look how close we are!
This is where I should learn not to implicitely trust my well meaning husband. Yes, this time we didn't get *that* wet... days later though at Animal Kingdom the definition of soaked comes in.
We left the show and Skadi whined, "I want to do it now!" And since I am a sucker for my daughter loving animals. We went over and fed the dolphins.

Hello there!

That night we shuttled over to our new hotel - The Caribbean Beach Resort - a Disney Resort.

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