Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why gymnasts don't wear shoes.

Skadi is a story teller. And what is a bit scary, is that she is surprisingly convincing. I am not a great storyteller. Neither is Leif. I am absolutely convinced that Skadi would make a great lawyer. The girl argues her point till you give up in frustration, she has the quickest comebacks, and she can spin a yarn like nobody.

She told me all about what happened to her gymnastics teacher the other day.

Skadi: “My teacher was on the edge of the foam pit, and I threw a foam block at her, and she fell all the way down the stairs. THEN she rolled all the way down a mountain and when she got to the bottom of the mountain, she rolled into a very deep lake. Then a snake swam up and bit her, but the snake didn’t think she tasted good and spit her right out! When he spit her out she flew on to the top of a house and she landed on her feet. But it was so hard that her shoes broke! And that is why she doesn’t wear shoes to gymnastics. Isn’t that silly?”

Me: “Wow. That is crazy silly.”

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