Thursday, December 23, 2010

The 23rd already?!

Day six. I can pretty officially say that the holiday is in full swing. My work e-mail has dropped off to nearly nonexistent - I did get two e-mails from one client this morning. I replied with a note of thanks for letting me know and Happy Holidays. You know to acknowledge that I am here for them, then to remain open to all denominations and all, but to mostly say "HELLO I AM ON HOLIDAY!"

Yesterday there was a flurry of work activity again that sent me scampering on the way out to go see Tangled with the kids. At a recent review in Washington DC I had dropped my business card in many people's hands, like I am supposed to do. Normally I never hear anything back... but every once in awhile...

It was a visit request from a high ranking military official. I quickly replied back that I would be happy to arrange the visit and copied it to many levels of my management, like I am supposed to do. Of course pretty quickly thereafter I got a note back from the sector saying that this request will require extensive sector involvement and that they will be providing assistance in scheduling this visit and even went so far as to suggest that maybe we should suggest holding the meeting in Seattle to minimize potential weather interferences and travel difficulties on their part. We want to make sure there isn't ANY reason why they aren't able to meet with us. I will be working dang hard to keep my foot in this...

Oh that's right... we aren't talking work now. We are on holiday! And vacation! My focus is not work!

Tangled! Yes, we went and saw Tangled yesterday! It was very good. Really well done. Even Leif liked it. Skadi was mesmerized the entire time and announced her favorite part was "all of it was my favorite part". Truly well done and I highly recommend it.

AB and Leif played their parts (Innkeeper and Shepherd) in the Living Nativity. 12 of 15 shows down as of tonight. They are finishing the shows off tonight and I look forward to having my family home with me in the evenings again. Whenever I start feeling selfish I read the posts from local friends on Facebook who rave about the experience. Then pride swells. Leif has been great. He hasn't missed a show and has worked hard at his character role. I am proud of my husband for handling the torch well and "hip-checking" the donkey into place and not butchering the cranky camels. I am not sure camel would taste good...

Skadi and I have enjoyed our evenings together with Aunt Tara too.

My accomplishments:

Butter Toffee - Check!
Sugar Cookies Baked and Decorated - Check!
Divinity - Check! (Attempted at least, so it ended in the trash...)
Wrapping - Check! (AMAZING!)
Laundry - Ongoing Check!
New Tires for my Car - Merry Christmas!
Fish Stock made for Bouillibaise - Check!
Organize kitchen desk and cupboards - Check!

That list of things I want to do? (Quilt, Organize Recipes, Address my Digital Music...) It's moving up in ranks.

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