Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anyone seen my friend?

Her name is Sugar, she is about half an inch tall at most and white. I can't believe I have lost my sweet tooth.

They say that your tastes buds change every 7 years. I can track these changes in the somewhat recent past. For about seven years I could not eat shrimp. I despised shrimp. It tasted nasty and metallic to me. I kept trying it in hopes I was just getting bad shrimp, but nope. Shrimp just tasted horrid to me. And I had LOVED shrimp for years. I feared I was becoming allergic, so I quit eating it.

Shrimp has slowly, after about 7 years, come back into favor for me. I don't love it. But it doesn't taste horrid anymore.

The one that has been killing me the past two months is sweets.

I have lost my sweet tooth and I can't find her. My favorites are still ok, pumpkin pie and I can't refuse a cupcake. And it is hard to walk by those Spudnuts every Wednesday. And occasionally I cave.

But candy? Chocolate? Ice cream? Fudge? Cookies? Even brownies? Random fluffy desserts?


But those meat pies I made the other day were amazing. As was the turnip potato gratin. And the ham and bean soup I made last Sunday. To.die.for.

I will do sugar cookies, because you HAVE to do sugar cookies for Christmas. It is a family rule.

And I still have a bit of affinity for anything with a little salt in it, so I will be doing a salted English toffee.

But what I really want for Christmas? A great seafood soup for Christmas eve (any suggestions?) and my husband's smoked grilled prime rib.

That's what I call good eats.

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BVB said...

We have a WONDERFUL bouillabaisse recipe that we make on Christmas Eve. Kind of a pain in the butt but yummy. If you want, let me know and I will email it to you.