Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day four

Today is my fourth day of two weeks of vacation. I have learned today that "working from home" just isn't really an option at this point in my life. My 6 year old views it as an option to prey on my weakness of needing time on my laptop by requesting computer game time on NickJr. I have a hard time saying no, because it keeps him well occupied for when I need to be on the phone with a client. But there is no such negotiation with my daughter who simply sees my being on the computer as "not being with her".
And as we all know, 3 year olds are the most self centered human beings ever. It is ALL about them.

It was a rough night since Skadi has decided again that sleeping through the night really isn't a great idea. Leif then got up at 6:06am. Then once in our bed, under the covers, he fell asleep again. But I was awake.

I got up and finished off cutting out Christmas sugar cookies.

Then things started going haywire at work and I just had a horrible time dividing my attention between my one needy daughter, my tuned out son and work.

Then I tore myself away from both and snuck out and had lunch with a coworker.

Then ran home and grabbed the kids to head to Open Gym. On the way home I was impulsive and stopped and grabbed a Starbucks - which I have been avoiding lately both for a calorie and cash perspective. But I decided I deserved it but was disappointed to find out that pumpkin spice is already passe at this Starbucks, but they decided to gift me with whatever option I wanted instead. So it only cost me the calories.

We ran out and picked up our farm share and I am excited by the assortment in our box.

I am four days in and my to do list is nowhere to be found. Things that I have wanted to do? Not done at all. Things I have needed to do at home? Not done. I still have a stack of gifts - mostly for Skadi - to wrap. She loves to help wrap and since I resist in allowing her to wrap her own gifts, I still have a stack of Skadi gifts to wrap.

Today was AB's last day at work and so I am somewhat optimistic that my success in getting our house ready for Christmas at least will start. We need to score a few things for Christmas dinner. I need to get a few stocking stuffers. And I am hoping to send that last deliverable off.

Overall, the kids had a good day - lots of fun at the Open Gym. I got a really nice note from a coworker friend who helped remind me what the really important things are in life - he came by to get our cosleeper last night for their brand new twins who will hopefully be out of the NICU for Christmas and I handed him dinner last night too. It hadn't been much for me to double my batch of soup and pack it up with all the fixings. But it made a big difference to them as they travel back and forth to the hospital every three hours day and night for feedings.
It reminds me that so far this week, I have done the important things. I built a snowman. I made soup for a new family. I kept my mom's tradition of making sugar cookies - I am quite confident she was there rolling out the dough with me. And I did my best to balance life at home with my kids and things that need to be done at work, striving not to let my team down or my family down.

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NanaNor's said...

Hello dear friend, I love seeing the kiddos with the snowman. I'm so glad you are keeping your mom's traditions alive-she would be so pleased. As for prime rib-yumm! sounds so good. I do understand how hard it can be to juggle work and kids but great job. Have a joyous(as much as possible)Christmas through the eyes of your two little ones.
Much love, Noreen