Monday, December 20, 2010

Multi-tasking fail

Famous last words - "I am going to work from home some next week."

I have a big deliverable due Monday cob. (Do you know how long it took me to figure out what "cob" was when I started working here? Like forever. For those of you like me, that would be "close of business".)

But I needed time off. I needed a full two weeks off. Not 4 days and a week. A full two weeks.

Today I worked on laundry, I folded laundry, I spent lots of hours remoted in to my work computer, I made Christmas cookies, I played in the snow with the kids, I watched movies with my kids.

While this sounds productive, it is not.

See I did like one load of laundry and never got it it moved over to the dryer.

I started folding the five baskets of laundry in my bedroom and got like one load folded.

I did deliver the two major components (of three components) to my client. All the while ticking off at least one or two team members.

I burnt two batches of cookies while on the phone with a coworker and my daughter squealed in both our ears. And I called him "honey". Actually I called my daughter honey, but then had to answer when he said, "did you call me honey?"

I watched movies from the kitchen and listened to them on my computer.

But I DID play in the snow with the kids and get a snowman built.

And as AB reminded me, I did get dinner fixed (and half of it packaged up for my friend who just had twins) and it was yummy.

I am hoping for more success tomorrow. Though I am not terribly confident. I still have that one deliverable component pending, lunch with a coworker and then I promised the kids I would take them to open gym.

We will see if things loosen up then.

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