Monday, April 19, 2010

It's all about the hangers!

It was an innocent enough action. Last time I went to Target I grabbed a pack of pink child’s hangers. Skadi was in need of more hangers. No big deal, right?

Except that the majority of the other hangers in her closet are white.

It would have never been noticed that there existed a realm of pink hangers had I just stuck with the white ones.

But now every article of clothing on a WHITE hanger has been deemed offensive.

Every white hanger needs to be banished to the depths.

This morning the dress that Skadi REALLY wanted to wear was found to be on the despised white hanger.

She took it out. Took the dress off the white hanger. THREW the hanger in the trash. (I retrieved the hanger and put it in Leif’s closet.) Pulled down a pink hanger. Rehung the dress on a pink hanger. Hung the dress up. Then stated:

“Oh I think I will wear this beautiful dress on the pretty pink hanger!”

Guess who will be loading up on freaking pink hangers the next time I go to Target?!


Jay said...

Oh I LOVE your girl!

Jo said...

I'm dying. She is hilarious!