Sunday, April 04, 2010

The resurrection according to a 5 year old

Explaining Easter to a five year old isn't so easy. There are a lot of misconceptions.

Leif: "The Easter bunny is just a man dressed up in a bunny suit who comes to your house, not a real bunny."

(Ok, that one is just plain creepy.)

Leif: "I can't wait to get a Wii game for Easter."

(There were no Wii games. We do itty bitty toys in baskets, no presents.)

Leif: "The bunny has to be a tall man in a bunny suit and not a rabbit, otherwise how else would the eggs get as high as they did this morning?"

AB: "Bunnies do jump."

Leif: "Not *that* tall dad."

The resurrection is a touchy subject for kids. And it's sermons like todays whereby I am glad our church has Sunday school. Easier to let the Sunday school teachers give their rosey version.

Here is what Leif conveyed to me:

"Jesus was brave and the bad people killed him on a cross. Then they put him in a tomb and God put a huge stone in front to block him from getting out after he was dead. Then he stayed in there for three days and three weeks and God was mad and so there was a storm or earthquake or something and the stone moved and Jesus left his clothes there, but he was alive again so he left without clothes on and so that was good! But I don't know where the bunnies came from, he must have gone to see the bunnies after he was alive again."

Pretty good for a first exposure to the origins of the holiday!

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