Sunday, April 04, 2010

Skadi's song

(She thinks I am just typing here, ignoring her, but I am actually transcribing her song... that she is singing and singing and singing...)

When I was a little fairy,

And I wear my Easter dress,

And I have owies on my knees,

Jolly, la la la, jolly, la la la,

My dog Freya

When I am all far away I need my dog,

I see the flowers and I go far away, I need my dog,

Right there when I sleep through the night (ha ha ha)

When I waked up I got my dog out with clothes on and

When I want to just run to Freya,

When I run to the stairs and run up the stairs and go see Prince Ramon in the stone tower,

When I was a little brown nose (???) and I was Nemo,

And mom was a dad and I was Nemo.

And we barked too!

When I am a little jolly, I feel to do this.

And when mommy was a little jolly with me.

And we throwed in the garbage what was broken.

Run to the window, run to the fish.

And I dance, and I dance, and I dance,

And I was a princess who cried "boo hoo boo hoo"

And when I go to bed I should sleep (lays down)

When I waked up, when I was sleepy on the ground or on the sidewalk (???)

Well a butterflies should do a fly and then I go to bed on the ground or on the sidewalk.

And I have bigger toes.

When me has a baby, throw the baby and that was silly!

This was silly!

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Jay said...

stream of conciousness poetry from the little lady!