Thursday, March 04, 2010

When I am a big mucky muck...

If I RSVP to a meeting I will understand that means I will BE there!

I will remember back to being a little (bitty) mucky muck and how life changing it can be to know that a big mucky muck is coming to MY review.

Yeah, you guessed it. The big mucky muck and his entourage were a no show.

We even prepared additional material to bring them up to speed and provide background.

Oh well.

The meeting went great otherwise and not only do I think it moved me and my team up in the eyes of the mid-range muckies, but I also think it helped my credibility to my own team to see me stand up and vigorously defend our program.

My lead engineer that I pulled in is notoriously late and resistant to change on the team. Really like the guy and respect his technical ability... and it is his amazing technical ability that keeps him on the team.

But dare I say that he got it?

In today's team follow up meeting I heard him repeat the same phrases that management stated on keeping on schedule and the importance and uniqueness of this project.

I smiled a bit...

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