Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Face time

I should really be headed to bed so that when my alarm goes off at 5:48am tomorrow morning I will bound out of bed and scurry down to do my exercises instead of roll over and complain that I didn't sleep enough. I really should.

But I have this big meeting tomorrow. Big big. Big as in when I stood in my manager's office the other evening with the lead engineer saying, "We have a meeting with X", she said, "yeah, I should probably be there, put it on my calendar".

It's a project review that would be typical except that the invitees are enough to make me gag a little. I didn't even have time to wonder if I was overreacting with my stomach flip flops before I got a note indicating that I might be feeling a touch nauseous at the list of invitees, but the goal of the meeting is the same as it is every quarter and to not get sidetracked. He suggested that it was just good for me to get some face time (which in my heart I was wondering if this is what they do before they fire you).

I am not sure I completely bought it at the time and so I quickly came up with my couple of people that "needed" to be there. And wow are they thrilled that I decided to pick on them!

Tomorrow I will be meeting my maker... or at least the person who signs my bosses bosses paycheck and his entourage.

And I will try not to say anything wacky, call them all by the right names, not say "umm" too much, not blush uncontrollably... and not look like I got absolutely no sleep. (Going to go work on that one right now.)

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