Sunday, March 14, 2010

Productive weekend

I can't say that I actually did anything goals related... except for be attracted to random pillowcases. Yes, I have inherited a love for pillowcases and the possibilities that surround them...

But, we got loads done. Loads.

First what we didn't do. We didn't mow, trim, edge or clean the yard. Nope, that was done, but in the interest of not only time, but beauty (because I suck ROYALLY and so does AB at trimming shrubs), we paid someone to come in who knew what they were doing. Someone who knew what could be cut to the ground and what could be trimmed gently and who can actually cut a shrub into a cone. (With like three whips of a fancy chainsaw like trimmer that made AB a touch envious.)

I did go rent a steam cleaner and remove all the toys from the playroom so AB could steam clean the carpet up there. And it looks fabulous! Seriously it was pretty ick when we moved in and one of the goals this year will probably be to rip out that carpet (that attracts our pets - who never ever soiled carpets before) and put in bamboo flooring in there and through the upstairs hallway. But that won't happen for some time and since we would like to actually use the room, we steam cleaned. And then wondered how much a steam cleaner might actually cost? And its usefulness in real life?

The kids have spent most of the later afternoon and evening playing up there. Without the toys put back in. This has additionally prompted me to look at all the toys stacked in the hallway wondering how many should really go back in? If a big OPEN space might be more utilized by the kids?

I packed up Skadi's 2T's. Most of them. Some still fit her. But most of them are in a big plastic bin. Sigh.

I got some groceries and whined a little about our lack of decent markets here. I whined just enough to prompt agreement that we should probably stop at Cost Plus World Market on our way to Silver Mountain next weekend. AB has a love of harissa and we are out.

We had an evening off from cooking as we went to a friends' house for game night. Loads of fun. Made me want to do the same. Soon. I only had to play a few games of Uno, until another little boy showed up with a NEW Uno game that shoots cards. Leif has actually decided he would like to spend his piggy bank money on that game instead of continuing to save for the Harry Potter Wii game. I would think this noble and be proud except that I think he is just angling for us buying it for him for his birthday (in 4 months).

And I actually started giving more serious thought to Skadi's birthday party. We officially nixed the gym party. Skadi then decided that she would opt out of inviting her girl friends if only Coach Brett would come to her party and tell her she is beautiful. Sigh.

Yeah, nixed that. Poor neglected three year old never gets what she wants. It will be a small princess dress up party with her four closest girl friends. I am planning a "tea-style" lunch. A pile of dress up clothes. (Cameras) And decorate your own cupcake bar.

One of the last things I got to thinking about this weekend was courtesy of church. How can I better serve others. It's awfully easy to write a check.

AB wants to go to Honduras next year to work in a village that the church has adopted. He is feeling pretty strongly about this and this makes me proud of him.

I am presently reading Stones Into Schools and for the second time, I am feeling particularly motivated and moved to help in this movement to build schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan. No, I don't envision going there. I don't think that I could actually go there for certain reasons. However, I would love to do something to raise money for the cause.

Ideas anyone?


Kai said...

Another book you may want to read is 'Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women". Parts of it are harrowing, but overall this is a 'hopeful' book.

The book is very solution oriented, giving critical commentary on development efforts and offering a list of different things you can do and why these are effective.

There are two ideas on their list that I can vouch for personally: Kiva and Plan International.

Kiva is straightfoward: it allows you to give 'microloans' which are distributed through on-the-ground microlending groups, and paid back. You can track your loans on the website.

With Plan, you sponsor a child and your monthly contribution goes directly to the child's community, building schools, clean water sources, health services, etc.

I'm on my second sponsored child (My first, a girl in Bangladesh, got married last year). This might be a nice option for you, as you could involve your children when writing letters to the sponsored child.

Nuclear Mom said...

I do like Kiva! I did two gift certificates for there for Christmas. I will check out the book you recommended as well as Plan. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I wish you two could go through Leadership Tri-Cities and see all the different places your skills and passions could be applied locally - in addition to your world view!
My LTC term is ending soon - past-president shouldn't be too hard - and I, too, have been wondering where I'm being called.
Honduras isn't quite on my list yet, but I'm proud of Hans for wanting to go. You've got our support.
- Melissa