Sunday, March 28, 2010

The best ever...

spicy food?

Name your best ever spicy food meal, please.

(Just something we were talking about today, trying to come up with best meals can be hard. So many of my favorite meals are surrounded around events and I don't necessarily remember what I ate at some.)

My best ever spicy meals...

a few come to mind.

  • Green chili from El Chapultapec in LoDo... before Lower Downtown Denver was actually cool and LoDo. I ate there when I was 18 with my then boyfriend. I cried their green chili burnt my mouth so bad. But for years after I went back for more.
  • My husband's green chili - modeled after El Chapultapec's but with a twist - smoked pork loin.
  • My first time eating Thai food when I was 18 also. It was spicy, and a bit hot, but the flavors were a taste sensation. I had never had anything so flavorful in my entire life.
  • Spicy tuna rolls from Pete's Sushi restaurant in Alaska.


RAB said...

The 3 Peppers in Rio Rancho, NM. The green chili casserole. I couldn't stop sweating as I was eating it. Good. Painfully good!

Dad said...

Camarones Diablo at Casa de Taco just up the street. Jumbo Shrimp sauteed in Chipotle it is sooo HOT (and good)!! I have sweated through my shirt!! It is supposed to be an appetizer but it makes a pretty good meal with lots of COLD Modelo Negro-when I feel masochistic...luckily not often

NanaNor's said...

Hi April, Just wanted to touch base about Monday's appt. Could you email me-so we can chat.

vanessa said...

Usually something we or mom cooks. Recently, Kent's meatballs ametriciana. My grandma's hot sauce.