Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boys will be boys?

Otherwise titled "Am I raising a mama's boy?"

Hans and I don't really battle over anything. We are pretty easy going people and easy going parents. But one thing we aren't seeing eye to eye on all the time is how to raise a boy.

Me, being the know it all mom, who always knows what's best for her boy, and apparently has loads of experience to draw on given that the last boy born on the side of the family I am close to was 50 years ago - my Uncle Robert. Yes, my tongue is stuck well in my cheek. (He is no model for effective parenting as a son or a parent.)

So why I don't defer all matters of "boyness" to my husband I don't know.

AB, one of three brothers and himself being male. Might have an idea. I know.

There is a boy in our neighborhood who goes to Leif's school and conveniently lives on one of the parks we frequent weekly within 3 blocks of our house.

Great, right?

Wrong. The kid is awful! He has a horrible potty mouth, he is a brute, he is a whiner (yeah, I know *my* son has *never* whined...) and he is mean.

And his dad is so excited we are nearby and always sends him out to play when we go to the park in addition to giving us his phone number a few times now so we can call in advance when we are coming over.

And I keep losing the phone number.

And AB keeps looking for it and kicking himself for not calling before going.

My tongue was bloody from all the biting I did on Sunday when he and Leif and another boy from the sister room played. AB claims it is all "boy stuff". Leif doesn't take it seriously, he tells me. It's just boy macho crap.

But I do. I despise hearing the things this boy says to my son.

I admit, Leif loves his mama lots and has promised that even when he is 13 he is going to snuggle and love me even more than infinity plus 51 (the Leif to mommy love meter last night). He IS going to remain the sweet little boy that he is and that I am enjoying right now.

I fear what comes next.

Example: Leif had to go and break my heart and decide he wants his hair cut. Like all the other boys in the class. And like daddy's. Short. And so it sticks up in the front.

Just rip my heart out right now!

He did agree to "think about it" until this weekend and if he still wants it buzzed this weekend we can do it.

Correction, AB can do it.

Because I don't think I can.

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