Monday, February 23, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

The rain was really coming down this evening when I went to get the kids. Seriously pouring.

NM: "Hey Leif, why does it rain?"

Leif: "Because it's cold."

(Ok, he didn't say "because it does" - moving in the right direction...)

NM: "Do you know where the rain comes from?"

Leif: "I do mommy! It comes from the rain forests. They are forests of trees full of rain and when you chop a tree with your ax, it rains. Lots of people are chopping trees with axes right now."

NM: "Where are these rain forests?"

Leif: "Well there's one in Apple Tree." (His daycare room.)

Okay then...


NM: "Skadi who did you play with today?"

Skadi: "Exi."

NM: "What did you play today?"

Skadi: "With Exi."

NM: "Did you play with Maddie today?"

Skadi: "And Exi."

NM: "Did you play with anyone other than Maddie and Exi?"

Skadi: "No, Exi."

NM: "Who is your best friend?"

Skadi: "Exi."

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