Friday, February 27, 2009

Star Wars decor

Things are actually moving forward with our house right now. The former owner was apparently on vacation and since getting back from 2 weeks basking in warmth out of reach of technology has jumped on providing us with all sorts of information on the water damage of the house.

This has renewed my enthusiasm and optimism that we ARE going to be moving and I have gone back to thinking about decorating.
We promised Leif a room decorated how he wanted since he feels that his Safari themed room is a touch baby-like. I beg to differ, but I also have no problem enticing him into his new room and creating excitement for the new house with a brand new room themed and decorated how he wants.

See how I have matured - I actually kind of like themes! I am really showing my age when I admit that I am considering wallpaper in this house too.

Back to Leif... his choice is Star Wars The Clone Wars. (And I am eternally thankful he didn't pick Transformers or Spiderman.)

About the only thing Leif seems concerned with is that General Greivous is painted on the wall.

We have asked him to pick out a color, from the many, many paint chips I have accumulated. This garners frustration and a declaration from him, "I just want General Grievous colors!"

Of course what you could take from this is that he wants the same colors as General Grievous - and then take to matching up chips to Grievous. But if you took it this way, you would be wrong. He JUST wants General Grievous painted on the wall.

Umm no.

I did paint an elephant on his wall in his current bedroom and yes, I did actually major in art for a little while. But no. I am NOT painting General Grievous on his bedroom wall.

In some effort at meeting at a halfway point AB and I have found cardboard stand up posters of the characters for his room for not terribly expensive. At least not the prices of the vinyl wall clings.

So AB and I have finally reached a compromise on wall color - he wanted bright blue and I wanted grey. He declared grey not a "kid's color" while I said, "blue? Like on all the walls?" We have found a blue that I can live with nd matched it up with a paint chip and AB finally has agreed to let me do one wall grey - pointing out the fact that Leif will also have the blue dresser and there is a very real thing known as too much blue...

Those of you out there who whine that your husband's don't have an opinion on anything? The other side of the fence isn't so rosy either. Try decorating with a husband who fancies himself a decorator! (Those of you guys who know AB didn't know this, did you? Tease him, maybe I will get the decorating in my domain.)

So we have the wall color, we next addressed these cardboard cutouts... Which ones?

My vote is of course for Ahsoka - she rocks. And Yoda. Because you just HAVE to have Yoda. And while I love Commander Rex, he is toting a gun and since I am on the no play guns band wagon (slowly being pulled off by my son), I would rather stick with the light sabers.

Of course AB is the rational one and suggests we ask Leif.

"I want Obi Wan Kenobi," he says upon finding out there is no General Grievous.

"Amazon doesn't carry Obi Wan," I told him.

We left it at that and later I decided to search for other characters outside of my "go to seller" Amazon with my Prime shipping.

Sure enough I did find Obi Wan...

I made the executive choice to stick with the cartoon cutouts and not the photograph because I am sure that either Leif (or more likely me) would turn around and nearly pee my pants routinely seeing someone real behind me.

The real reason though? The Obi Wan photograph one would maybe have to go in our bedroom...

I kind of have a thing for Ewan.

Ok, so our Star Wars bedroom is well on its way to being planned out. I have the duvet cover I ordered from the UK because it is so much better than the ones you can get domestically. I have Clone Wars sheets - cheap rough things, but Leif will love them. And I have ordered the duvet insert (from Amazon).

Decorating kids rooms? SO very much fun!

(Skadi is much more adept to picking out pretty colors on the paint chips -- she gravitates to yellow and bright red.)

**For pictures of the completed room - alas without General Grievous since nobody carries the cardboard cut out of him much to my son's disappointment, check it out here.

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