Monday, February 09, 2009

Hitting our strides

I had to check our horoscope tonight. AB and I are both Cappies and when big things happen I like to go back and retroactively check to see if I should have seen it coming.

This is ours today: "Your vision is as clear as a bell today. It's time to finally make a big decision."

Ok, that says nothing. Because everything today had nothing to do with either of us making decisions. It's all about the fruits of our labor coming to fruition.

AB called to tell me that he was moving back into his old group and that yay, he didn't have to be the one to make that decision, it was being made for him. As it turns out, while he will be in his old group, he also may bump his head on the moon. He won't go back to working as a grunt in his group - nope he will be in a very visible position near the top of the ranks where he will "get to know upper management very quickly". He will be the final check for all the safety, industrial hygiene and environmental work on the entire site. It's huge.

Today I managed to hit eight of eight. Today mid-day I got an e-mail announcing that one of the concept papers I submitted to the client I swore I would never work for again made the cut.

Then five minutes later I got the second one. The second concept paper I sent them made the cut.

Five minutes later the last one arrived. All three concept papers I submitted made the cut and are now on the list for full proposal.

Three full proposal packages due March 13.

Two days after we close on our house.

Convenient, eh?

Oh and my eight of eight comment? This fiscal year I have submitted eight concept papers and all eight have been accepted for full proposal.

My funding stats aren't so pretty. The only two I have heard on weren't funded by the client. I will hear on the next three sometime in the next few weeks. And these last three? Sometime this summer. But if a couple of them make the grade than I will need to hire at least one post-doc.

My last kudo came when I got a phonecall from a manager with NASA who would like to come visit my team in the first part of March to discuss an opportunity to work with them on the upcoming proposed moon and Mars missions.

Yes, I did dance in my office.

And my team leads' use of profanity was strictly in a positive sense. "F---- YEAH!"

We rock.

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