Monday, February 02, 2009

Frustratus Maximus


I haven't been so frustrated in a long time.

I woke up this morning unable to speak. I squeaked instead. I couldn't order Leif to move quicker with any effectiveness so he missed TumbleBus. Oh well, he has two more opportunities to catch it.

I dropped Skadi off and yes, got to explain to the teachers that I could not speak.

I got to work and one of the guys on my project came to my door to find out why I had e-mailed instead of walking down the hall.

"Oh that's why!" he says within minutes. And proceeds to talk. And expect responses.

AB called and laughed when I answered the phone - then recommended that I not answer the phone anymore. I took him up on that suggestion. I ignored the phone ringing (pretty sure my neighbors wondered what was up with me) and then got messages and e-mailed people right back.

I had a teleconference at noon. THAT was going to be interesting since I phone in from my office. I e-mailed and let my coworker and the organizers that yes, I would be phoning in, but I had no voice.

They didn't really believe me or something. Normal protocal is that I phone in and after the beep you announce your name and company. I couldn't do it.

Suddenly the booming voice on the speaker says, "who just signed in, announce yourself".

I squeaked, "it's NM from XNL."

Of course it couldn't be dropped and a couple of the others on the telecon decided to ask me all sorts of questions then.

My afternoon was quiet.

Then I went and got Leif who thought it was HI-LARIOUS that I still couldn't talk. He took to whispering too.

"Speak up honey," I would squeak, "I can't hear you."

"You speak up too mommy," he would say, "I can't hear you either."


The worst of the whole day was going to get my haircut. I needed a haircut bad so I didn't want to cancel it. But try sitting in the chair unable to speak a word! My stylist took pity on me and made an effort not to ask too many questions.

AB got to do both bedtimes tonight since my reading abilities are on hiatus.

Hoping for a voice tomorrow!

Oh and I AM blaming this on my girlfriends, we yapped and yapped yesterday!

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