Monday, February 09, 2009


When Leif was 2 years and 4 months we moved him into a twin sized bed. In order to entice him, my mom bought him Nemo sheets for his new bed since he was HUGE into "Finding Nemo".

We put the sheets on and I remember him being happy. But more of a happy like, "oh look someone put material with Nemo painted on it onto my pillow, neat."

(Nothing like the skis today.)

I was shopping at Target and found a set of Dora twin sheets on sale for $10 and grabbed them. Skadi doesn't have a twin yet, she is sleeping in the queen sized bed in her room. Because all second children get to do things earlier and get bigger, better things.

Ok, so the doing things earlier part is generally true. But she will be getting a twin bed when we move.

I washed the pillowcase and threw it on her pillow.

"DOWA!!!" She squealed. "DOWA PILLOW!" She pointed repeatedly to Dora.

Then she took her pillow and layed on it in the middle of the floor and slid around the floor. Praised Dora a little more and then hauled her new prized possession off.

Leif is a pretty even keeled kid. He is happy go lucky most of the time with a few dips and a few peaks. His dips don't last long and he quickly returns to his happy kid place.

Skadi has mood swings like a pendulum. She is way way up and way way down. I asked my mom if she got this from me - was I a moody little red haired girl?

Short answer? No.

Time to blame my husband's side of the family!

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