Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The annual trek to the cabin

I have blogged many times before about the family cabins. We decided it was high time to get back to the cabin. We needed a real vacation, a relaxing vacation. And well we hadn't been in a year. Not to mention that the kids' favorite cousins were visiting as well. AB's second cousin has two kids the same genders and about the same ages as our kids. And it is truly a unique and relaxing experience to have playmates 50 feet from your front porch. The kids started just wandering between the two cabins and we all got a much needed break.

There were waterguns:

There was a 6th birthday party:

There were lots of hugs:

And cute cousins:

There was rock throwing in the dreary, cold mornings:

There was swimming (no, I don't require Skadi to wear a lifevest... she wanted to wear it... she takes after her dad... Safety First!)

There was no swimming in the inlet once these were spied:
That would be LOTS of these:
So then there were creatures from the deep:
And trampoline time:

And the annual pilgrimmage to Cecil:

And boat rides:

And our neighborhood friendly seal who hardly gets out of your way anymore:

There was hunting for "baby" crabs by our safety obsessed daughter:

And canoe rides:

Most of all, there was success in a stress free weekend.
(And I even finished my book club book! Yay me!)


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, So glad you were all able to get away-it is much needed for you. I couldn't spy what else was in the water besides clams and crabs.
Happy Birthday, belated to Leif.
Loved seeing all the fun-it made me miss the west coast.
Have a wonderful day April.
Hugs, Noreen

Nuclear Mom said...

That one picture is hard to see - but it is just a picture of three crabs. They were all over and Skadi wanted nothing with being in the water with them.

RAB said...

Great photos! So glad to see you all had a great time!