Monday, August 16, 2010

A quilting we will go!

Way back when, once upon a time, I had time to create. Part of my monthly goal this month is to get that back a bit. In March I tackled setting up a cross stitch (which I admit, I haven't picked back up).

One of my all time loves is quilting. I have a weakness for fabric big time.

I needed a stress reducer - and I wanted to get started on my next project - so I looked forward all week to Saturday when I was allowing myself a few hours to wander the fabric store sans children. Peace. Fabric love. Camaraderie. Textiles.

For my two hours wandering I walked out with 11 fabrics loosely coordinated around a blue and brown color scheme. Here they are in all their glory!

They have been washed and pressed as of tonight. Awaiting their deconstruction into many, many little squares only to be sewn back in some random pattern.

Here is the quilt I made for Leif. I was pressing on getting it done before he was born. Then my mom came to town and pushed me to sit down and finish it.

Thanks mom!

And here is Skadi's baby quilt. My mom arrived and hers was done because I was not going to condemn her to the ordinary life of a second child where nothing is fair or done to the extent that it was for the first one. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I know, if I laugh too loudly I will wake her up.)

I have a pumpikin wall hanging I did for myself that is identical to three others that I made for the most important people in my life - my mom and Rick, my dad and grandmother.I will post a picture of it someday.

I also did an apple wall hanging that hangs in my mom's and Rick's work out room. And I need to find it in some packed away box somewhere, but I also have the quilt that AB and I used on our bed for nearly a decade.

I know I have said all this before... I just need to put it out there for motivation to finish this quilt!

Oh and I didn't buy anything else at the fabric store. Nope! That wasn't me buying foamies for my daughter... or outdoor upholstery fabric... or the most fabulous thick soft yarn and a crochet needle... nope nothing else that might divert my attention from my quilt project!

Stay tuned!

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