Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leif's 6th birthday

We spent Leif's 6th birthday at the cabin. Which of course meant that we had to have his party a bit later. That's ok, we don't mind spreading out celebrations in our family. When Skadi turned two she was sure that her birthday lasted the entire year and everytime we celebrated anything it was all about her birthday.

In keeping with that tradition of allowing my children to milk their birthdays for all they are worth, we celebrated Leif's birthday with his friends a few weeks after his "real" birthday.

I had a bit of an issue with Leif for his birthday party. For months he was declaring that he wanted a sleepover with a number of the older boys in his school. I just wasn't so sure this was the thing we should be doing. And I feared for my lack of sleep. I was ready to give on just about any other type of party, including Chuckee Cheese - which he amazingly didn't latch onto.

Then one day, completely out of the blue he announced he wanted a party at the Court Club - a rock wall party. Done. Booked. Before he could change his mind. There could be a maximum of 10 kids - which at this point in his life is hard. So many parties include all the kids in the class. We selected our 8 guests since his sister was included in those 10.

Leif with his two best buddies.

Getting started on the rock wall.


Yes, that is Skadi. The child that has no fear. I hadn't *really* expected her to climb...

Leif decided he needed a bit more of a challenge.

Scored the chicken!
C scored the chicken too!

N scored the chicken too!
Leif decided to move over to one of the even harder walls...
And he did it too!
Much to our surprise, not everyone was as into the rock climbing. Leif, Skadi and his two closest buddies were sold and just kept going over and over. While the adults worked to entertain the other 6 children!
Finally it was snack and cake tim!

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Jo said...

That looks like a blast! We have a place here called Wallnuts but I never thought to have a bday party there. Will keep it in mind for the next one. Abby would surely be like fear in that one. We were at the new house today..turned our backs for a second and she was on the top rung of the ladder trying to get to her room (its just framing stairs or rail around the upper about jelly knees. lol).