Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Beachcombing Part 1

Leif and Cousin Hugh out in the Geoduck fields.

Skadi found it very interesting that starfish eat at the center of the star. We found a few with clams stuck on them chowing away. Then she had to flip each star she found over to check to see if it was eating or not.

It's paint on her arm - not blood - nearly everyone asked that day. Nope, we were just lazy with getting the paint rinsed off. I had assumed it would come off in the sea water.

Leif and Hugh walking through the oysters. The big ones are Pacifics - not good eats this time of year. The bags are the seeded Kumomotos and Olympics, which got rave reviews.

Winny and Freya. We had a hard time keeping Freya OUT of the water when we first got there. Couldn't get her in the last few days. Winny loves everything about the cabin. The biggest surprise though was a visitor that latched onto her. She was lounging in the water and picked up a critter - a starfish. That starfish was a BEAR to get out of her hair! It took a good chunk with it.

A few of Leif's treasures - clams. Empty shells. Given their location they were probably emptied by us the night before. (Yum.)

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