Saturday, July 11, 2009

How we speak

When Leif was learning to talk we laughed about a few things he would say. He tended to start his sentences with "Actually," a lot. We giggled about it and ignored it.

(Now he is on to using "Additionally" properly in his sentences which is also a crack up.)

Now Skadi is hitting that age of developing her own sentences and she has picked one up...

Starting her sentences with "Actually". Like as in "Actually, no."

First child, it was a fluke.

Second child... apparently one of uses "Actually" to start sentences quite frequently.

The one my daughter did NOT inherit from me is "see my panties".

She wore panties to daycare this week and was quite proud of them. Her teacher reported back to me that she showed most everyone her panties. Including Coach Brett, who she has met a whole ONE time. She got on the Tumblebus, pulled her dress up and said, "Coach Brett, see my panties!"

Oh so very proud.

On the phone last night with grandma she asked Skadi about wearing panties.

Skadi put the phone down and started pulling her pants down.

I picked it up, "did you ask her about her panties mom?"

"Yes," she tells me.

"Ok, she is showing them to you right now!" I told her.

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