Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A trip to the cabin

We all have been looking forward to a trip to the cabin over on Hammersly Inlet - the south end of Puget Sound - for much of the winter. We had hoped to go to the cabin earlier, but didn't dare leave our house that we are listing FSBO. Well we finally got a lockbox and an MLS number and left for the 4th of July weekend to meet AB's dad and girlfriend and the rest of the clan (huge clan) over at the family compound. I have never liked it to be called a "compound" and I kind of cringe when I mention it that way, because it reminds me of Waco... but it's not. It's just a series of 5 cabins on one lot owned by a large Norwegian family.

Oh and just for the record, wouldn't you know that within 8 hours of leaving our house, we got an offer on the other house? We so should have gone in May when we were kicking the notion around.

Anyways, back to the 4th. We decided to drive over on a Wednesday. We arrived about 5pm and made a quick stop at the grocery store for some groceries and then we headed to the cabin - about 30 minutes outside of town.

We had the cabin to ourselves for the first two nights, which was great. Then Friday and Saturday we shared with family. And Sunday it was ours again.

Of course this also meant we got the vast majority of the clean up.

Once down at the cabin we discovered within hours that Hans' second cousin was flying in from Cambridge where her husband is a post-doc. For a few years we had somewhat half heartedly tried to visit at the same time as her if only because we have children the same ages and genders. Truth be told I hadn't gotten along with her before this point and so we never pushed it too hard.

This is one of those weekends that goes to show that first impressions aren't always right. Or that people mellow after having kids.

Because seeing the cousins latch onto each other softened us both into piles of mushiness.

So many of the kids at the cabin are older - teenagers, a few tweens and a bunch of early 20's-ish kids. There are very few little kids.

Leif and his cousin Hugh spent the vast majority of the weekend together. Hazel and Skadi eyed each other and fought over toys. They ran races and gave hugs too. They will be friends. I envision cousins that will unite every year at the cabin for lots of fun.

And what was surprising and refreshing was to find out that their mom - wasn't the wacky out there mom I was expecting. We actually agree on a lot of things. Once we confirmed the kids didn't have any life threatening allergies the kids ate at each other's cabin (whichever they happened to be at when meals were served). Naptimes someone usually took the boys out to play so the girls could sleep. And we all bent the rules on the night of the 4th and didn't blink an eye (probably breathed a sigh of relief) when the other admitted that we were abandoning bedtime rules "just this once".

We and the kids had such a great time that we have actually kicked around trying to make it back to the cabin before they head back to Cambridge in August. It may work. But it probably won't. But we WILL be planning our visit for next summer to coincide with theirs.

The highlights:

-The little cousins.
-Digging clams.
-Playing with the very active Geoducks on the beach.
-Beachcombing - I love beachcombing.
-Seeing the neighborhood harbor seals up close on the dock.
-The fireworks.
-The 4th of July meal on the beach with the extended family.
-Hanging out with my FIL and getting to know his girlfriend.

Oh and the offer on the house. It was a low ball offer - frighteningly low ball. But we have countered and are waiting for their response.

Pictures next.

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