Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The funny and the not so funny

Leif gets a kick out of making up lines of words to go along songs or nursery rhymes he hears. The other night for example, “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb and she fell down on her nose!”

Hilarious, right?

Skadi has picked up this tendency. I kind of feel for Leif because I remember way back when my sister would say something funny and EVERYONE would laugh and think it was so funny. And I sat there with my jokes that drew rolled eyes.

(My favorite joke when I was 5 years old: “Why did the little girl monster eat bullets?” Answer: “Because she wanted to grow bangs!”)

Leif has modified his joke that we forbade him from saying anymore the other day. Now instead of asking “what’s your name?”, he asks, “what’s your first name?” When you look at him like ‘I told you we aren’t doing this’, he insists it is different. Now he asks for your first name, second name and last name, then goes on to “what color is the sky” and “what direction am I pointing?” Then he again insists it is different. And we scowl or roll our eyes.

(Brian, I told Leif your joke and he looked at me blankly… sorry!)

Then it just comes so naturally with Skadi.

Skadi: “Humpty dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had an atomic wedgie!”

Yes… sad to say, we all laughed. I know I probably shouldn't have encouraged it, it was just... just... so Skadi. Not sure where she picked up “atomic wedgie”…

And poor Leif is left wondering how to be funny like her.

Sorry Leif. Really sorry to have saddled you with a lack of joke telling ability.

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Karen said...

Here's a joke for Leif:

"Pete & Repeat were out in a boat. Pete fell out, who was left?"

You answer "Repeat"

Then Leif says:
"Pete & Repeat were out in a boat. Pete fell out, who was left?"

On and on and on..........