Saturday, July 03, 2010


I was born in Central Wyoming to a father who enjoyed fishing and a grandfather who lived fishing. From a young age I had a pole in my hand.

Through the years I continued to fish even into high school. I went fishing on occasion with one of my best friends, Brian, from high school. I remember one night camping out at a lake around a bunch of old people (who were all quite nice) and fishing. The wind blew so hard that night I feared the tent was going to blow away with us in it.

Given that my husband's moniker is "Alaska Boy", you can probably guess that I have fished in Alaska. One of our most recent trips I even outfished AB for sockeye!

One of my favorite Alaska fishing memories is fishing with my mother in law at 1am with wine glasses in our hands. We have fished in a number of different places in Alaska - the Kenai peninsula, Talkeetna area, and King Salmon.

AB hasn't fished much in this area though we keep talking about changing that. Leif has a desire to fish and he caught his first fish, a nice rainbow trout, in Alaska two years ago. AB needs to get out there with Leif.

AB has his list of fish to catch - salmon shark tops the list, but includes sturgeon and tuna.

For Father's Day this year I decided to get AB a sturgeon fishing charter. I conspired one morning (while in a meeting) with a coworker who is an avid fisherman. When I told him what I wanted to do he rattled off a phone number. One of his good buddies is a guide and would be happy to take AB out.

I called and organized the trip after giving in and divulging to AB my plans. See putting anything on AB's schedule is hard. AB was thrilled.
Unfortunately the first trip was cancelled. There is an issue with trying to get a single guy, one guy I mean, on a charter. No guide is going to take a single person out. The guide worked with me trying to fit AB on with other groups, but it wasn't looking good.
Finally one evening I said to AB, "I could probably go with".

I hadn't really thought about it to that point. It isn't an inexpensive venture, but I love fishing too. AB smiled. The big issue with doing this lies with the kids. Being out of touch of the school, the kids in daycare, is a tough thing. Thankfully we have great friends who can back us up!

I called and asked him to fit us in and offered a few days. Thursday night he called and asked if we wanted to go out the next day. Even though my gut said no way, too short notice, what about the kids, this is less than 12 hours notice, I agreed to go.

AB caught the first sturgeon.

I got the second... when our guide saw him jump he had me sit down in the chair and brace myself...

Then he jumped again and I completely freaked out!

Once I got the fish all worn out - after about 20 minutes - I passed it off to AB to pull in. (Which only took about 40 minutes or so!

Hello big boy!

8-9 feet long, 200-300 lbs, and about 60-70 years old.

AB holding on to his mouth. I got to do that too! Then we let him go.

This is me bringing sturgeon number three!

Me and my fish! This one was only 25 years old or so. (Then we tossed him back in.)

Then I caught a catfish... that was a surprise. It was our guide's first catfish on the river after 14 years of guiding!


Perry Dennis said...

I am so extremely proud!! Those darned sturgeon are monsters!! WOW!!! Love you so much!! Dad

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Congrat's to you on your catch-what a wonderful adventure.
Looks like the weather was nice as well-I'm surprised you don't get motion sickness.
Have a great 4th and we'll see you all in two weeks.
Hugs, Noreen

Vargasgirl said...

How Cool!!!