Sunday, July 04, 2010

July Goals

My goal for the month of July is to decide on a design tactic for my dining room. I have no intention of tackling the decorating in July - just too much going on - I just want to have a strategy in mind.

Part of that strategy allows for time to convince AB of my plan!

In no way did I expect to have this complete by July 4th.

Ok, so it isn't totally complete as in paint this color and start here and stop here.
Nope, my first goal was to convince AB that the dining room needed to be addressed. Thanks to my sister in law, who has been residing with us for a few months now, this became a little easier.

"Well we actually have been using the room a fair amount, that makes it easier to justify" AB relented way too easily. "What were you thinking?"

"Slate," I replied.

AB's eyebrows raised in an intrigued manner.

"With some sort of light neutral, like a tan or something, just a bit darker than the off-white that is already here, something close to the color in the coffer," I went on enthused by the lack of puking noises on his part.

"What would you paint?" he asked.

"The wall with the buffet, the wall with the arch and maybe the stairs wall," I replied.
"Well you probably would want to hit some in the coffer I think," he goes on. (This is going well... maybe we can do this!"
"And in an ideal world we would dump the light fixture and the curtains too," I said seeing my chance.
"Really?" AB said, "but I thought those were your favorite things in the house?" He joked. "What do you think of doing it in one of the textured paints?"

Ok, so maybe we haven't been through the hardest part yet, selecting the actual colors... but I am making up for only having four recipes written out from June's goal!

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