Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny things my kids said

In the Seattle airport, Skadi and I go into the crowded restroom where she promptly screams at the very top of her little lungs:


Scared two little old ladies to pieces. Sigh.


Putting Leif to bed last night:

Leif: "But mommy, I want you to sleep with me!"

Me: "I love you honey, but I sleep in my bed and you sleep in yours."

Leif: "Well I don't understand your choice. I like painted rooms and I would only want to sleep in a painted room if I were you."

(If pleading doesn't work, change up the tactic I guess.)


Skadi on the way home, last leg from Seattle to Pasco, headed down the stairs to the plane she turns around and looks at the woman behind us:

"I am going to Hawaii!"


While in Colorado, Rick asked me to make a sign for the door downstairs so that the kids would stay out of the basement, where the kitties would be. Leif and I came up with a skull and cross bones that said, "Stay Out Scurvy Dogs". Leif was quite thrilled with it.

He came back up to me and told me that we needed a sign on the inside now that said, "Stay in Scurvy Cats!" Oh and he showed nearly every visitor all the while giggling.


Leif inherited my talent for telling jokes. You should know that I have no talent for telling jokes and am somewhat notorious for getting to the end of the joke and blanking, which drove my husband up the wall. Now I don't tell jokes.

Leif has a joke he tells.

Leif: "What's your name?"

You: "[Insert name]"

Leif: "What color is the sky?"

You: "Blue."

Leif: "Which way am I pointing?" (He points up.)

You: "Up."

Leif: "Mommy (or whatever the name is) blew up! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He has been telling us this joke for nearly a year. The kid is in sore need of a new joke because we actually forbade him from telling it anymore while in Colorado. It is that desperate.

Please help him.



Putting Skadi to bed last night.

Me: "Skadi stop it, you kicked my glasses!"

Skadi: "No mommy, your glasses kicked my foot and it hurt very much."

I didn't laugh. Instead I held her bedtime books hostage until she apologized for kicking my glasses. It took awhile, but she eventually came around to see things my way.


Not a kid funny... but the sad truth. I am switching my comments over to moderated because I can no longer stand the spam my blog is receiving. I really believe that a blog should have open comments and it has always bugged me to have moderated comments, but desperate times in fighting spam call for desperate measures. My apologies to everyone and I will work to get legit comments turned around as quickly as possible.

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