Friday, January 29, 2010

Skadi says:

“I want to do wha-ever me wants to do.”


“I want to pick wha-ever me wants.”


"I want to eats wha-ever me wants to eat."


“I want to pick panties wha-ever me wants to wear.”

(You get the idea.)

Leif = “WEIFER!”

To Freya as she has ahold of her fur so she can’t escape: “You no eat my toys, you hear me? I said you no eat my toys!”

Anything she likes:

“Oh it’s so beeeeauuuutiful!”


“Oh it’s so WOOOnderful!”

When she says something she thinks is funny she says to herself (and to us):
"That's a good one!"

When Leif said, "Skadi...", this morning she responded with, "call me Beaner".

Skadi and her best friend were sent to the office for not listening the other day. Apparently the entire time they sat in the office they giggled. One would look at the other and they would giggle. Then they would be told not to look at each other and this would last for about 30 seconds before one girl would give in and look at the other, and the giggling would start all over. I could hardly not giggle myself as the teacher is telling me this with a stern face. I mean, what did they expect as they sat the girls next to each other in the office? What makes me not smile about this is knowing that Skadi’s best friend is most likely moving in a few months.

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