Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emerging from a fog

Ever feel like a dense fog lifts? Like all of a sudden there just seems to be more clarity? Ok, so we have had dense fog around here lately and the last few days HAVE been relatively clear. But I mean in a less literal term. Maybe more motivation? Like things just become a touch (not a ton) easier?

It’s hard to explain and I am trying to figure out the root cause, but things have just felt easier, clearer, less vague the past few weeks.

I am trying to figure out if it is just 2010 and 2009 just had some bad juju associated with it.

Or maybe it’s hitting 38… my lucky number is 8, so maybe my age having an “8” in my age has added a spark.

And I don’t want to rule out the value of sleep. We are embarking on nearly two weeks whereby Skadi has decided to sleep through the night!

Or maybe it is all three.

Last year I felt like it was a struggle to stay on top of anything. It was frustrating and disheartening. My work life was fine, but with a little girl full on into her terrible two’s and moving, I just never felt like a sank into a routine. My blogs were uninspiring and often forced. Nearly daily I forgot things. Ok, so I DID forget my coffee this morning, but I had a backup plan. Plus, after a night where I slept nearly 9 hours and then got up and exercised for 45 minutes, who needs coffee?? (Ok, so I do a bit…)

I walloped my monthly goal to clean my closet and main linen closet out before half the month was over and then I hit it out of the park by cleaning out the boxes in the Master bedroom (ok, so some stuff just went into a pile, but at least there is no more cardboard and nothing on the floor by the windows) AND cleaned out the deep freeze and made a list of food in there.

AB tackled the garage the garage Sunday while the kids and I were at a birthday party. While we still have a ways to go there, I feel as though things are finally coming together out there as well.

I look around my house and see possibilities, where last year I saw... well I am not sure what I saw... probably just a long to do list with no end in sight.

This coming weekend I am vowing to help my husband out in the garage. Then my dresser could use clearing off and Leif's closet needs some attention. We will see how far I get!

I am not sure the end is anywhere in sight, but the scale isn't seeming quite so immense.

Just hoping now this continues for the rest of the year!

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