Friday, January 15, 2010

Another mystery

But this one (unlike my "allergy") may be nearly solved.

I love my new house. We bought it from a relocation company, so there was no one there to walk us through or to explain how things worked. No one to e-mail quick questions to, like our buyers have done with our old house.

I have discovered a few things with this new house:

-I will never again be without a boiling water tap. I use that thing constantly and never thought I would. I actually missed it while at my mom's house and either had to microwave water or put a kettle on the stove. Love the boiling water tap.

-I finally figured out how to work the wooden blinds. Huge accomplishement.

-Some of the light switches have funky push buttons. To work this you flip the neighboring switch and push the button. That turns the light on. (Now is where we ask "WHY?")

-The weird remote actually operates the fan in the play room and you turn on the light from there, not the switch. Changing the light bulbs was not the problem.

-To lock the back door you have to lift the lever handle up.

-There is no shortage of wall outlets. There are wall outlets in the kitchen cupboards!

There is still one mystery that we may be on the verge of solving. Back about mid-summer we noticed over the counter lights on late one night.

"Neato," I said and then proceeded to look for the switch. I couldn't find it. But no matter, they were off the next night.

Then a few weeks later they were on again. A few months later I was still looking for the switch.

AB, tired of my pondering the random off-on nature of the lights over the cupboards in the evenings, crawled up and reported that it was one of those strings of rope lights plugged into another wall outlet.

Interesting! So it was a wall outlet operating the switch. I returned to flipping switches downstairs while AB watched the cupboard tops. Then I actually started flipping switches upstairs.

Nearly 10 months later it dawned on me that the lights have been on nearly constantly lately. During the day and NOT just the nights before, that I think they are operating on a daylight sensor!!

It has been dark and dreary here and with the short days, we have very little daylight. And the cupboard lights are on nearly constant.

If the frequency decreases as it gets lighter I will have solved the mystery!

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