Monday, December 15, 2008

My personal comedy show

Not a day goes by that Leif doesn't completely crack me up. He doesn't get this from me - I am not quick on my feet with speaking.

We were in the car driving home this evening.

NM: "Leif what did you do today?"

Leif: "I will tell you when we get home and not a moment before."

A little while later...

Skadi: "Moooommmmmyyyy, supper time!"

NM: "Skadi baby are you hungry?"

Skadi: "YES!"

Leif: "I am too, but I don't want Mexican food. We always have to have Mexican food and I am TIRED of it."

(And for the record we have tacos maybe once every two weeks and order take out Mexican about once a month.)

A little later...

Leif: "Hey mom, you know my crocodile that shoots water out of the two holes in his nostrils in the bathtub?"

NM: "Yep."

Leif: "I am going to rename him."

NM: (Not realizing the crocodile had a name to start with.) "What are you changing his name to?"

Leif: "Squirting crocodile of Hannukah."

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