Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top Chef Sighting

So we were in line for boarding for the Seattle to home flight. I tend to see a lot of people I know given that we live in a small town - but never anyone actually "famous".

But if Stephanie from Top Chef posts on her blog that a little red haired girl screamed most of the last leg of her flight to her latest cooking demonstration this weekend, that would be my girl.

RAB told me that Stephanie was cooking this weekend in a neighboring town. And there she was boarding the same flight as us. AB and I both contemplated saying something to her. Something like "so glad you won, we were rooting for you all along!" or " which wineries are you cooking at?" or just the typical fan stuff, "hi Stephanie, I am a huge fan, do you want to come cook at my house tonight? We were going to have Top Ramen and grilled cheeses, but I am sure you could do better."

Instead we just smiled at her.

And she smiled back.

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