Monday, December 15, 2008

Recent pictures

I like this picture. AB and I were busy around the house and I happened to walk by and see Skadi by the tree. She was so quiet and peaceful sitting there examining the presents.

Then she quickly figured out the presents weren't just for decorations. You could open them. This ended the pretty photo shoot pretty quickly and made me glad I happened upon her before ALL the presents were unwrapped.

Making cookies.

The trip to see the most unfriendly Santa ever. Maybe if he had shown some interest in the kids Skadi wouldn't have melted down? Just maybe...

Leif and C at the Polar Express reading. Our kids were SO good. They were quiet, paid attention and when Hank was handing out bells they politely waited their turn instead of rushing up with their hands outstretched.

How to top a 9' tall tree...

Why does my little boy not look so little here?

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