Sunday, December 21, 2008

She returns!

The peppy post-doc privy to pink. Add in her horrible tendency to wear pants that were way too small.

Yes, Miss Pink!

She left a year or so ago, but one of my manager friends has hired her permanently now for... yes, you guessed it... to work on my project! I don't actually get a say in who he hires since he isn't even in my directorate. But one of the lead scientists on my project is in his directorate and needs more hands. Hence pink post-doc is back - as a scientist.

Honestly I am thrilled. It is nice to have a "known" variable as I see my project exploding. And she is a smart one.

I commented to a coworker the other day that I was embarrassed to be thrilled to have her simply because of her ability to sit down, write out a reaction, push electrons and me tell what would happen. Yes, I am just jealous. I am not an organic chemist at all and was routinely stumped with reaction diagrams. Thankfully Schrodinger appealed to my senses a little better and my math skills kicked in giving me a future in chemistry.

Good blog fodder is on deck for January! Really, I do like her a lot...

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