Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rhinos and polar bears oh my!

Leif in the car the other morning.

Leif: "Will daddy take a gun and hunt for rhinoceros?"

NM: "No honey." (Wondering in my head why he thinks AB hunts - AB has only really hunted for ducks maybe once he reminds Leif routinely.)

Leif: "I think he should hunt for rhinoceroses so I can eat rhino meat. I like rhino meat a lot!"

NM: "Do you? I have never had rhino meant."

Leif: "Well if daddy won't hunt for it I am sure he will buy some at the grocery store."


At dinner last night.

NM: "What are you studying in school Leif?"

Leif: "Polar bears!"

AB: "Did you know that I have seen a polar bear Leif?"

Leif: "No! Did you have your sword or gun?"

AB: "Well someone I was with had a gun, but it shot fireworks to scare the bear away."

Leif: "Oh, polar bears are bad." (Wheels are turning... guns that shoot fireworks?)

AB: "They aren't bad, they are beautiful."

Leif: "Nope, they are bad."

Discussions to assess whether or not polar bears are bad or not.

NM: "Well what animals are good then?"

Leif: "Monkeys and they are beautiful too."

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