Monday, February 04, 2008

A whole new label

I get to start a new label today... "Skadi funny". I have Leif funnies, or Leif sayings that are often funny, but so far Skadi's funnies have been limited to her laughing at us or, most commonly, Leif. Not exactly "blog worthy". But she did a funny today that cracked both AB and I up - and it was 100% on her own accord.

The other night AB and I had salad with supper. As we sat around the table, I picked at the lettuce. I grabbed a piece and stuck it in my mouth. Skadi, sitting on my lap, quickly figured this out and took to grabbing a piece of lettuce and sticking it in my mouth. It was awfully cute.

I should also mention at this point, before going on, how freakishly fast my daughter is.



Deceptively fast.

You might think since she is a big girl that she lumbers along. She crawls at lightning speed to get to the dog food bowl when she is sure no one is looking. (And in typical second child fashion, she is correct, no one really is watching. Second borns get away with EVERYTHING.)

Then there was N's birthday a few weeks ago where in a flash, 1/3 of my banana cupcake was swiped and stuffed into her mouth where in typical second child fashion, I laughed about it. As opposed to freaking out - mostly. Though I did quietly run through the possible ingredients in banana cupcakes - and frosting - in search for anything potentially allergenic. Then asked myself who I was kidding... they are cupcakes. And she IS my daughter. No way can she be allergic to cupcakes. It would be a horrible tragedy to befall in my house.

Tonight AB and I sat at the table chatting after releasing our captive from his restraints known as the dining room chair. Skadi was on my lap.

Before I knew it I had a handful - serious handful here, we aren't talking a piece - handful of lettuce complete with Ceasar dressing stuffed in my mouth, up my nose and all over my glasses.

While a little girl sat on my laugh giggling hysterically.

And husband was NOT helping the situation at all by laughing either.

Ok, I can laugh about it now... hence, the label.

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