Monday, May 21, 2007

A week of smiles

Leif has had so many moments this past week... moments that are happy and nice and not stories of screaming time outs. Let's start with the turkey baster...

The turkey baster:

Scene takes place at 6:30am with a groggy mom sitting at the dining room table devouring a bowl of Cheerios.

Leif: "Mommy, is this Skadi's?" (Holding the turkey baster up.)

Me: "Nope, it's daddy's." AB's the one who cooks most all of the meat (after he buys all the meat). Brain quits functioning then.

A few minutes pass.

AB screams.

AB: "Any reason my son is shoving the turkey baster up my nose while I try to sleep?"

I suppose a turkey baster does resemble a bulb syringe. I am just happy I told him it wasn't Skadi's!


Little Bunny Foo Foo take two

Leif: "Little bunny whoo whoo hoppin' through the forest, scooping up mice, pop on heads. Down came the blueberry and she said..."


What are you trying to tell me?

Leif: "Look mommy, a lion cookie. I eat it!"

Me: "Yep, that's a lion."

Leif: "Look mommy, here a hippo cookie for you!"

Me: "Thanks Leif." I eat it so I don't disappoint him... this is why the pregnancy weight is still lingering.

Leif: "Here mommy, another hippo for you!"

Me: Repeat above.

Leif: "Mommy another one of your hippos! Here you eat it!"

Me: Starting to wonder why hippos are suddenly associated with me...


Things we don't need to fib about...

AB and I were cooking in the kitchen when Leif came in.

Leif: "We having broccoli for dinner?"

NM: "Yep, sound good?"

Leif: "Yeah." He walks off.

Leif returns with his slimy bathtub whale.

Leif: "Whale wants piece of broccoli."

I hand him a raw floret. He returns two minutes later and plunks the bare stem on the counter.

AB: "Leif did you or the whale eat this broccoli."

Leif: (looking shameful) "Whale ate it."

AB: "Did he? Well I guess whale gets ice cream for dessert tonight for being a good eater!"

Leif: "No, I eat it!"


And now for an "ahhh" moment

NM: "Leif why did you throw away these books?" (Panda Bear, Panda Bear and Clifford)

Leif: "I don't want those books. You leave them in garbage."

NM: "Leif, we don't throw away our books. If you don't want a book in your room, bring it to mommy and we will decide what to do with it."

Leif: "I don't want in my room!!" He starts squealing.

NM: "Ok, but let's come up with a solution. Would you like to give them to a child who doesn't have books?" I cringe at the thought of giving away Panda Bear, Panda Bear, but who am I to discourage charity.

Leif: Silence while he looks at the books. "I want to give to Skadi."

NM: "Let's go take them to Skadi." I was testing to see how serious he was.

Leif: "Here Skadi, these books for you to read." And he walks off after depositing them next to her.

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