Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fleeting thoughts from Nuclear Mom on Mother's Day

Will my couch cushions ever remain properly placed on my couch?

Can I just freeze this moment in time?

And can we just fast forward through this tantrum.

It's 3:40pm, wine is perfectly acceptable now.

Exactly what other options are there for rinsing shampoo out of hair?

How in the world did poop get there?

A bath is just easier than 14 wipes.

The blowdryer on the changing table advice offered the other day might be worth considering.

Whoever invented bubble blowers is evil.

A real Mother's Day present, both kids napping.

When are they going to wake up? I miss them.

My husband is the best, flowers and chocolate and a cat card whose paw waves when you open the card... (I will never get to see said card again, Leif picked it out for a reason).

I am positive that was a giggle, positive.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Regarding the story of AB taking Leif into a Hallmark store... chaos.)

My mom is really cool. I'm so lucky.

I understand that statement that you never know how much you are loved until you have your own kids. I really do.

What is it about my husband's sweat that puts my daughter to sleep?

The white balls from the Hungry Hippos game really do fly far. (And the plastic is amazingly painful to toes.)

Can I just eat those cheeks up?

A nearly three year old making a decision? Painful.

Independence? Also painful.

What can I bribe my husband with to start sitting to pee so that my son emulates THAT?

Wow I love being a mom.

I am the luckiest mom ever.

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