Monday, October 18, 2010


This year we signed Leif up for the semi-competitive soccer league. It's semi-competitive at this age - competitive in another year or so.

Leif missed the age cutoff by one day. In order to play U6 (since he is 6 years old) he would have had to have been born after July 30th. His birthday is July 29th, so he is the youngest on the team. I debated filing a petition to have him "play down" so he would be with the kids in his year, but I didn't. He is a soccer kid and is used to playing with older kids at school.

Then his team didn't have a coach.

And AB - being the good sport that he is - finally raised his hand and volunteered.

It's been a learning experience. AB's patience is running a bit thin at this point.

There is one boy on the team who is good, and quite serious. The others... including my son... have decided that being competitive isn't all its cracked up to be, listening is optional and making Coach put his hand over his eyes and shake his head is funny.
Here the kids are warming up. Look at AB's stride. This is where he is walking over to say something like "come on guys..." See the boys are very concerned about which ball they kick during warm up. They were sorting out the balls here "wasting time".

We have 7 kids on our team. They play three on three with no goalie, which is actually a step back from the summer YMCA team. So this means that there is plenty of time on the sidelines.

Here Leif is getting ready to do a goal kick. He likes to take his time setting up his goal kicks. (AB is looking a bit frustrated here.)

"Kick the ball Leif!"

Half time is always fun too... AB is trying to talk to the boys about listening. They just want to blow his whistle.

Oh well. As long as the kids are having fun!

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RAB said...

Love the new blog them! Looks like the kids are having fun!