Monday, October 11, 2010

Conversations with my kids

Skadi: "Mommy, what is on your two head?"

Me: "My what?"

Skadi: "Your two head, what is on your two head?"

Me: "What is my two head?"

Skadi: (Reaches up and touches my forehead.)

AB: "She must think you have a small forehead."


Sunday, 7am I walk out of the bedroom and Leif is sitting there. It appears that he has been up for awhile, but he has been getting scolded for waking us up at 6am on the weekends. He is to play quietly until we get up and only come in and jump on the bed if he really needs us.

Leif: "Oh good you are up!"

Me: "Yep, I am up."

Leif: "Can we make a pumpkin pie now?"

Me: "Umm, a pumpkin pie?"

Leif: "Yes, I was thinking about pumpkin pie and I would like some."

Me: "Ok, let's go make a pumpkin pie."

And so we did.

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