Saturday, October 02, 2010

2010 nearing the end

It’s that time of year with the change of seasons, the coolness of the weather (hello sweaters, I have missed you!), the end of the fiscal year 2010 that reminds me that there are only 3 months left in 2010. The real 2010. Not this fake business of starting 2011 three months early.

Fall is my favorite season. I used to write “by far” on the end of that sentence. But I have to admit that living in this region has altered my perception of the seasons. I have blogged about this before, somewhere, some long past day. I am less fond of winter here than anywhere I have lived previously. I love winter, I love snow. We don’t get that much here. We get grey, dreary, foggy, rainy crud with cold. Living in Colorado it wasn’t unusual to have a foot of snow one day and a sunny 60 degree day the following. Here it is the same old all the time. Grey, dreary, so foggy I am hoping I am walking the right way to my building fog, and cold. Not to mention a serious lack of understanding regarding driving on ice or snow (on the occasion that it does snow).

Ok, you get it. Winter leaves a bit to be desired here aside from the fact that I get to wear sweaters.

Spring. I never really cared about spring before, but now I love it because it means an end to the dreary, grey foggy crud. Then summer… what’s not to love about summer when you live in a major agricultural area?

Anyways. Fall. It’s the last hurrah, the last full season of 2010 before the rainy, dreary grey crud sets in. Inevitably I look towards the next three months and start planning the countdown to the holidays, the activities, the travel… the last hurrah of 2010.

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RAB said...

Fall is my favorite too. Love sweater weather and the smell of fallen leaves!