Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Linda

Skadi announced today that she has a new friend. After a bit of a pause, she told us that her friend's name is Linda.

Linda doesn't boss her around like some friends do. (She has been fast friends recently with a new kindergartener who apparently friends the younger kids so she has someone to boss around. But Skadi's teacher said that she is getting wise to this and the friendship is on the rocks.)

Linda has long hair down to her toes.

Linda was sick this past weekend. Poor girl.

Linda doesn't want to go to school anymore and HER mommy said that she could just stay home.

Linda also has big feet.

And long arms that hug Skadi really good cause they are so long.

Linda lives next door to us also and Skadi can go over there and play whenever her brother is mean to her.

Linda's mom makes her hair beautiful every single day.

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