Monday, October 18, 2010

What my kids did not get from me...

The tree climbing gene. I didn't get one. I never had a desire to climb up a tree pretty much ever.

AB might even tell you a story about the day we went for a walk and I got stuck in a tree. About four feet off the ground.

My kids didn't inherit that fear.

Skadi begged and begged for me to put her in the tree. She had refused to put shoes on earlier so I told her no, she couldn't go in the tree because she didn't have shoes on.

She was back 30 seconds later.

Fancy shoes and all.

I don't balk too much when she decides to hang out in the tree. I just grab the camera. Because being in a tree means smiles. And stillness. I am not chasing her for a picture.

Nope, I can get cute smiley pictures, like this:

Or this:

Or cute serious pictures like this:

All the while I am ignoring what is going on in the other tree. Something I want no part of at all. Something that I think is just wrong. Because I shouldn't have to look up and search for my son and find him 15' off the ground in a tree.

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Dad said...

Well, I might be partly to blame, if tree-climbing is a trait. Patty had a fit the other day, while I was trimming our Oak-waaay up in the top. Tammy V. recounted how all of us cousins would climb our Grandparent's apple/ plum trees and set up in them and eat green apples/ plums (oooh, Mommy my tummy hurts...)I LOVE being up in a tree and feeling the wind move it around. I hope Leif and Skadi never stop enjoying it!!