Wednesday, June 09, 2010



Ken Yokum to birt.

Love, Cate




Can you come to my birthday?

Very sincerely, Cate




AB has a habit of saying, "well I want a pony" whenever the kids ask for something unreasonable, which is most of the time.

And for the record, he does not want a pony. Neither of us really cares for horses and most definitely has no desire to own a horse.

Skadi: "I want that toy!"

AB: "Yeah, well I want a pony."

Skadi: "Daddy, you do NOT have long hair."


In the car on the way home.

Leif: "Mommy, I have been waking up at night and I am SURE that Mina is checking in on me and tickling my feet!"

(Mina is the Elf that checks up on the kids every Christmas and reports their behavior to Santa.)

Skadi: "Me too! Mina has been coming to my room too and tickling my feet!"

Noted that it is nearly 6 months till Christmas... I am thinking Mina may pop in for a visit!


vanessa said...

Amazing translation!!!

Nuclear Mom said...

Leif provided the translation. I thought they had a new kid in class named Ken Yokum. ;-)